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For questions or comments about the web site, trouble with the online services, or account isues, or to report a bug, please send email to

Creating a Login Account

To uniquely identify you and the information you provide and access at the SEED Network, we require that you create a user name and a password to protect its access from unauthorized use. The username is your registered email address, and the password can be almost anything, though it must meet certain standard security requirements. See password security requirements for details.

Only one account per email address is allowed.

You will also be asked to provide a password hint, select a password hint security question and provide the answer to that question. This is designed as an additional measure of security allowing only you to retrieve your password hint phrase.

Your password hint should be a word or phrase that will help you to remember the password that you used for login. We do not store your password, so we will not be able to provide it to you. We will only be able to provide you with the hint that you record here. This is for your security. See Retrieve your Password below for details on recovering your password.

Retrieving your Username

If you should forget your username, you can go to the username or password retrieval form and use the form to check for registered email addresses. Since your login username is your email address, you can only use this form to check to see if a certain email address is registered with us for an account.

Retrieving your password

If you should forget your password, you will need to go to the password retrieval form. At this form, we will ask you the question that you selected as your password hint question. You will need to then provide the answer. If your answer matches the answer we have on file, we will in turn provide you with the hint phrase that you supplied when signing up for your account. You can then proceed to login with your password.

Privacy and Security

For our privacy policy, governing laws and regulations, and information about security and use of your information, please see our Secure Privacy and Security statement.